Cleaning and washing

Tiny room

Tiny room

Even the picture is hanging wrong on the wall, it will fall and break. Let's not even start about the rest of the room, but quickly clean it up instead.

Barbie room clean up

Barbie room

Barbie's new room is lovely purple, but new room nonetheless, cleaning is still necessary, as mess makes every room ugly.

Children's wardrobe cleaning game


Dear son, when you got your cool new green shelf system, you said it's so big there won't ever be a mess again in your room. So what is it I am looking at?

Enjoyable picnic


Children and their families had a really good time at this picnic. But they somehow forgot that they should have picked up the lots of trash.

Shoe store

Shoe store

Your new task is to fix the things in this boutique. Half of some shoes fell from the shelves and there is some garbage on the floor as well.

Prince George royal room

Prince George

Messiness occurs even in aristocratic families. When the staff is on leave, there's nothing to do, they have to clean up themselves..

Fairy realm


Clean up in the realm of fairies! Everything has its place, you just have to look carefully and observe everything.

Lil and the camp

the camp

The camp leader will soon inspect Lili's room, and if she sees the current conditions, she's not likely to get a praise for it.

Tidying up quickly

tidying up

Last night's event may have been good, but it is outrageous that they left so much garbage at the beach.

Cool motor

Cool motor

No matter you have a super cool bike, until your garage is this messy, none of your friends will come to admire it.

Beach and palm trees


No wonder no one wants to swim in such a pigsty beach. Surely no-one will come here until there is a single piece of garbage in the sand or in the water.

Neat Restaurant

Neat Restaurant

Oops, a plate is broken - and what was on it is now pouring on the floor. Quickly, clean up in the restaurant's kitchen before the boss arrives and yells at you.

Strict mom

Barbie and Jane

Mom said I can only visit my girlfriend in the afternoon when my room is done. I think she is right a bit, because I haven't done anything the whole week, and now my nice little room is a little in ruins.

Barbie Living room

Living room

This is what Barbie's living room looks like after her birthday party. No doubt it's not a pretty sight, but you can clean it up in 5 minutes. Want to try?

Car clean up


It is not entirely true that there's a little mess in the car. In fact, this is a huge mess. It's bad to even look at, let's clean it up quickly.

Winter Weather


Finally it's snowing, and not even just a little. It's been falling in big flakes since the morning. The garbage I left out in the garden must be cleaned up before the fresh snow covers it.

Car wash

Car Clean

They didn't want to clean the car in the carwash on the corner. No wonder, I can understand them, it's incredibly dirty. Whatever, I will wash it myself even if it's goning to take some time.

Aurora Clean UP


A little water splashed on the floor, some fixtures fell and there is a lot of garbage everywhere. This is a job for a thorough, professional cleaner!

Great Pajamas Party

Great Pajamas Party

Have you ever seen a messy girls' room? Yes, not only the boys' rooms can look like a complete pigsty. If you don't believe it, here, have a look at this!.

Beautiful Island

Beautiful Island

Quickly throw the leftovers in the trash can on the beach, the other stuff can go into the large basket. Guests only feel comfortable on the beach if the surroundings are nice and clean.

My Pool


A windstorm jumbled everything around the swimming pool. Slippers and swimsuits are all over the place, and there is even broken glass on the ground.

Dora clean up the room


Dora likes cleaning very much - do you? Do you usually help at home with the cleaning?

Aromatic foam bath

foam bath

Pick up everything from the bathroom floor and put them in place. If you find the place for everything, then you can mop up the water. If you get stuck, press the info button.

The vacation


My mom didn't allow me to bring a whole lot of things for the holiday, but it is sure messy in this hotel room.

Animals on the farm


Tidiness and keeping your surroundings clean is especially important on a rural farm where there are a lot of animals. If it's not done, only huddle and confusion will follow.

Cinderella Princess

Cinderella Princess

Cinderella knows that the secret of cleaning up fast is that you must be quick and handy. Quickly, put the apples that rolled away in the basket, clean up the floor...

Swimming pool and garden

Swimming pool and garden

Finally I've found half of my lost flip-flops. It's there on the bottom of the garden pool with a bottle. I'll fish it out and then start to clean out this mess from the garden.

Cooking and clean up


The fact that the kitchen counter is full of unwashed plates and dishes is one thing, but how did a huge fried egg get on the middle of the floor!

Summer day

Summer day

Put the swimming ring and parasol quickly in the basket, the towel and glasses in the bag. You have to figure out the rest, but hurry, the sandy beach is waiting.

My Purse

My Purse

My little bag could use a thorough cleaning. It's full of makeup, credit cards, keys and a lot of stuff that I carry around with me every day.

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