Beach cleaning games

Swimming pool cleaning services


Nobody wants to swim in the pool because it is very dirty. A little cleaning will solve this problem

Beautiful Island

Beautiful Island

Quickly throw the leftovers in the trash can on the beach, the other stuff can go into the large basket. Guests only feel comfortable on the beach if the surroundings are nice and clean.

Beach and palm trees


No wonder no one wants to swim in such a pigsty beach. Surely no-one will come here until there is a single piece of garbage in the sand or in the water.

Garbage in the water


The water in the pool is full with all forms of thrown garbage, bottles and soda boxes are floating on the surface of the water. Collect and throw them in the litter bins on the left and right hand side.

Beach cleaning game

Beach cleaning game

Clean the beach a lot of waste.

Spa salon cleaning

Spa salon

We can't let the guests see this big mess in a beautiful exotic summer resort like this

My Pool


A windstorm jumbled everything around the swimming pool. Slippers and swimsuits are all over the place, and there is even broken glass on the ground.

Summer day

Summer day

Put the swimming ring and parasol quickly in the basket, the towel and glasses in the bag. You have to figure out the rest, but hurry, the sandy beach is waiting.

Sea cleaner

seacleaning game

Clean the sea, and catch all the rubbish, but avoid the sharks and the fish.



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