Clean up games

The children's room

children's room

The carpet in the children's room is quite small, but there are a lot of things scattered on it: toys, laundry and things that belong in the garbage bin.

Dirty pirate ship

Dirty pirate ship

Not even a pirate ship has to be necessarily dirty, let's clean it up, you will see how much prettier it will look.

Track athletics


It seems messiness is even common among athletes. I think the hurdling training can't start until we've picked up the things that don't belong here.

Tiny room

Tiny room

Even the picture is hanging wrong on the wall, it will fall and break. Let's not even start about the rest of the room, but quickly clean it up instead.

Fairy realm


Clean up in the realm of fairies! Everything has its place, you just have to look carefully and observe everything.

Car wash

Car wash

Washing the car in the garden is fun. Because it is not good to drive on the streets with a dirty, muddy car, even the neighbors would frown on it.

Garbage in the river


Polly is diligently collecting garbage floating on a drift velocity river. She must be careful with the rocks sticking out of the water as her boat can be damaged.

Need help here

Need help

It does not worth likely to pick the hoover, till the toys are on the floor, and it is full with garbage.

Come clean up

clean up rush

The toys have to be put in the toy box, the suits dropped in the cabinet. The leaked refreshment has to be wiped up with the swab, the garbage to be swept with the sweeper.

Car cleanliness

Car cleanliness

Your 2 month old pink car is beautiful, but shouldn't you pay attention to cleanliness too? Clean it up on both on the outside and inside.

Red sports car

Red sports car

This red sports car is super cool, but it's not worth anything if it is this muddy and dirty. There are very good and effective tools for cleaning it.

Leather boots cleaning


Now that winter is almost over, I'll put away my winter shoes. But before I bury it on the bottom of the cabinet, I'll thoroughly clean it, so when I need it at the beginning at the next winter, it will be shiningly clean.

Great Pajamas Party

Great Pajamas Party

Have you ever seen a messy girls' room? Yes, not only the boys' rooms can look like a complete pigsty. If you don't believe it, here, have a look at this!.

Car clean up


It is not entirely true that there's a little mess in the car. In fact, this is a huge mess. It's bad to even look at, let's clean it up quickly.

Incident in the laboratory


Well, unfortunately, this attempt failed. It's okay, you can probably do better next time. But this mess in the laboratory must be cleared up.

Ranch clean up


Even a farm has to be in order. Quickly put the milk containers on the table, the straw in the storage, and of course the cow poops must not remain in the middle of the court either.

Toxic contamination - Help!


Industrial disaster happened on the shore, and plenty of toxis waste is all over the place, moreover some of those are radioactive. It needs fast and deep cleaning.

Mess in the car


I'm positive my father would faint to see the family car in this shape. What an awful mess is in this car.



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