Cleaning games for girls

How To Clean A Toilet


A toilet has to be clean all the time, unless we want to give bacteria a chance.

Cinderella house clean up game for girls


Cinderella had to stay at home today as well to do the chores, but she doesn't mind: she is happy as always.

Frozen Kristoff - untidy stable


Kristoff loves horses, but it takes him a long time to tidy the stable yard.

Beach House cleaning

Beach House

Everything that used to be in the beach bag is now scattered on the floor. Let's collect them!

Doctor's office

Doctor's office

The doctor went to the canteen for 15 minutes, leaving her son behind, who wasn't bored waiting… The results speak for themselves.

Park clean up day

Park clean up day

It's so nice taking a walk in the park, but let's collect the garbage, and make the neighborhood even nicer.

Joyful Bathroom clean up game


This bathroom hasn't been cleaned for a long time if ever…

Messy Microwave

Messy Microwave

The microwave oven doesn't need to be cleaned every day, but if you leave it dirty for a long time, it will be harder to remove the dirt.

Barbie - Happy New Year

New Year

Happy new year! It's fine, but do I have to tidy the rooms by myself after the party?

How to Clean your Garage


I tidied dad's garage. He will be happy to see it for sure; he always says I watch too much TV.

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