Cleaning games for girls

School Bus Car wash game

School Bus

The schoolbus needs a complete renovation, the windows are shattered, tires are deflated and the whole body is covered in mud

Minions Party Cleanup

Minions Party

We have to clean the house after the birthday party, otherwise next year we won't be allowed to organize a house party for sure.

Horse fam online cleaning game

Horse fam

We are visiting an animal farm in the countryside, where there are several horses in the barns. You see, you have to work a lot in the countryside as well.

Swimming pool cleaning services


Nobody wants to swim in the pool because it is very dirty. A little cleaning will solve this problem

Organizing the Clothes Closet

Clothes Closet

Rapunzel finally got to a point in cleaning her room where she had time to organize her wardrobe. It really needed a little organising.

Frozen Anna bathroom clean up

Frozen Anna bathroom

Nobody has cleaned this bathroom for ages.

Messy Study room

Study room

Always the computer! You don't even care about what's going on around you! This has to stop!

Sam the Gardener


Once we are done cleaning the house, we will take a look at the garden. There must be a few things there to get done

Cleaning Your Fridge


This must stop, whe have to clean the refrigerator and floor, everything is a mess!

Cleaning Tips to Help Tame the Chaos

Kitty Land

There is a huge mess in the Kitty Land, everyone is playing, sleeping or just staring into space. The room won't clean itslef!

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