Cleaning games for girls

Baby Hazel cleaning Time

Baby Hazel

While mommy's doing the dishes, I'm playing at the kitchen table, like I was a chef. But then it comes to my mind I could help mommy drying the dishes.

Peppa pig cleaning the apartment

Peppa pig

Cleaning the apartment is an everyday task not just for us humans, but for Peppa pig as well.

Road clean up game

main road

The main road had to be closed after an accident; fortunately noone was seriously hurt. But the road has to be cleared for the traffic to be able to move on.

School locker cleaning

School locker

You have to prepare for a check-up in the school: every student's locker will be checked by a teacher.

Tidy your room

Tidy your room

Put the garbage in the bin, and separate the colored clothes from the white ones.

Laundry girl games

Laundry girl

Your winter coat got dirty and ripped? No problem: take it to the dry cleaner, and we will sew it after.

Toilet cleaning

Toilet cleaning

A toilet has to be clean by all means; it is very important to keep it perfectly clean.

I can tidy up

tidy up

We will visit a princess today, where you can show everyone how you can tidy a room.

Cinderella bathroom clean up

Cinderella bathroom

This bathroom is beautiful for sure, but unless everything is in its place, its beauty is pointless.

Mess hair salon

Mess hair salon

A lot of cleaning up must be done at a hair salon, mostly the cut hair, but there are a lot of combs and mousses lying around too.

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