Cleaning games for girls

Swimming pool cleaning services


Nobody wants to swim in the pool because it is very dirty. A little cleaning will solve this problem

Cleaning Your Fridge


This must stop, whe have to clean the refrigerator and floor, everything is a mess!

Organizing the Clothes Closet

Clothes Closet

Rapunzel finally got to a point in cleaning her room where she had time to organize her wardrobe. It really needed a little organising.

Cleaning Tips to Help Tame the Chaos

Kitty Land

There is a huge mess in the Kitty Land, everyone is playing, sleeping or just staring into space. The room won't clean itslef!

How to clean a messy bedroom

How to

Princess Sophie is in trouble for sure, her mother said that if she didn't clean her room by 9 o'clock, she would have to stay home for the weekend and miss out on the birthday party

The Cleaning Brigade


Let's hope this restaurant does not get inspected, as in that case they will have to close. But here we come, the Cleaning Brigade, we clean this place in just a few minutes!

Rapunzel's home


Let's take a peek at Rapunzel's home, she is cleaning her room right now, help her if you'd like to.

Countryside farm

Countryside farm

There are a lot of things to do on a farm in the countryside as well, you have to feed the animals and clean the whole farm of course

Hair saloon cleaning 3


We have to clean this high end hair salon of the city center perfectly to get them ready for the big opening tomorrow

Messy room - Balerina


The boy ballet dancer had to practice a lot for his exams, so he did not clean his room. Problem is, his mom visits tomorrow, and he shouldn't let her see the dorm room like this

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