Cleaning games for girls

How To Clean A Toilet


A toilet has to be clean all the time, unless we want to give bacteria a chance.

Park clean up day

Park clean up day

It's so nice taking a walk in the park, but let's collect the garbage, and make the neighborhood even nicer.

Hotel cleanliness

Hotel cleanliness

In a hotel cleanliness must be taken care of all the time, thus the staff has to tidy the rooms thoroughly.

Zoe - Messy House


What the hell is the motorbike doing in the pool? It's a good question….

Cinderella house clean up game for girls


Cinderella had to stay at home today as well to do the chores, but she doesn't mind: she is happy as always.

The Valentine's Day party

The Valentine's Day party was terrific, everyone had a great time. But when I woke up the next day I already knew that day would be about cleaning.

Big House cleaning game - Mina, Lisa, Toto and Sisi

Big House

Help the girls - online clean up.

Clean playground

Clean playground

Let's teach the children not to leave any garbage at the playground.

House makeover with Barbie

House makeover

Barbie loves when her house is tidy. But what is this mess then?

Joyful Bathroom clean up game


This bathroom hasn't been cleaned for a long time if ever…

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