Cleaning games for girls

Aurora Clean UP


A little water splashed on the floor, some fixtures fell and there is a lot of garbage everywhere. This is a job for a thorough, professional cleaner!

Enjoyable picnic


Children and their families had a really good time at this picnic. But they somehow forgot that they should have picked up the lots of trash.

Shoe store

Shoe store

Your new task is to fix the things in this boutique. Half of some shoes fell from the shelves and there is some garbage on the floor as well.

Beautiful Island

Beautiful Island

Quickly throw the leftovers in the trash can on the beach, the other stuff can go into the large basket. Guests only feel comfortable on the beach if the surroundings are nice and clean.

Prince George royal room

Prince George

Messiness occurs even in aristocratic families. When the staff is on leave, there's nothing to do, they have to clean up themselves..

My Pool


A windstorm jumbled everything around the swimming pool. Slippers and swimsuits are all over the place, and there is even broken glass on the ground.

Dora clean up the room


Dora likes cleaning very much - do you? Do you usually help at home with the cleaning?

Lil and the camp

the camp

The camp leader will soon inspect Lili's room, and if she sees the current conditions, she's not likely to get a praise for it.

Aromatic foam bath

foam bath

Pick up everything from the bathroom floor and put them in place. If you find the place for everything, then you can mop up the water. If you get stuck, press the info button.

Tidying up quickly

tidying up

Last night's event may have been good, but it is outrageous that they left so much garbage at the beach.

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