Cleaning games for girls

Easy clean up


A lot of stuff spilled on the floor, luckily it's not carpet on it, so it can be cleaned up easy.

Minion the skillful

Minion the skillful

This railway station is horribly messy, broken glasses, apple cores and a lot of trash anywhere you look.

Elsa Clean up room


Elsa's suite is full of trash, and somehow even the pictures hang strangely on the walls. Feel free to clean up!

Winter Weather


Finally it's snowing, and not even just a little. It's been falling in big flakes since the morning. The garbage I left out in the garden must be cleaned up before the fresh snow covers it.

Car wash

Car Clean

They didn't want to clean the car in the carwash on the corner. No wonder, I can understand them, it's incredibly dirty. Whatever, I will wash it myself even if it's goning to take some time.

Dorm room

dorm room

Even if you live in a dormitory and your mother is not constantly telling you to clean up you should keep order around you.

Zoe cleaning game


Cleaning up can be loved or not, but one thing is for sure, someone has to do it, and you can help too.

Gardener Laundry

Gardener Laundry

Working in the garden is very good, but your clothes will get dirty sooner than in school for sure. Never mind, we are going to wash them!

Barbie room clean up

Barbie room

Barbie's new room is lovely purple, but new room nonetheless, cleaning is still necessary, as mess makes every room ugly.

Children's wardrobe cleaning game


Dear son, when you got your cool new green shelf system, you said it's so big there won't ever be a mess again in your room. So what is it I am looking at?

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