Cleaning games for girls

Doctor's office

Doctor's office

The doctor went to the canteen for 15 minutes, leaving her son behind, who wasn't bored waiting… The results speak for themselves.

Beauty salon clean up

Beauty salon

A big mess was made on the terrace of a beauty salon by a sudden storm. And the guests will be here in 10 minutes!

New year cleaning

New year

The New Year's Eve party was terrific; everyone had a great time. Moreover, tidying the house the next morning was nice also.

House makeover

House makeover

When your mom arrives home from the hospital with your little brother or sister, she will be glad to see the house is tidied.

Online carwash game


We're going hiking in the mountains on the weekend, but we would be ashamed to be seen in such a dirty car. Let's wash it then!

How to Clean your Garage


I tidied dad's garage. He will be happy to see it for sure; he always says I watch too much TV.

Kitchen cleaning 3

Kitchen 3

Cooking is not a pleasant experience if the kitchen is a big mess: the floor and the counter is covered is garbage.

After party

After party

Mom will be very angry to see the mess in my room after the party: traces of chips everywhere and more.

Wedding salon - brilliant clarity

brilliant clarity

Do you think 5 minutes is enough to tidy a bridal store? Show us then how quick you are!

Going the clean the Living Room

Living Room

Let's start with removing the spider webs. They try to hide in the corner, but don't miss any of them. If you're ready, clean the lamp shades, since they are covered in dust, too.

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