Cleaning games for girls

Tidy classroom

Tidy classroom

The classroom also has to be kept tidy and clean, because it's impossible study in a mess

Rapunzel Kitchen Cleaning

Rapunzel Kitchen

Mice, rats and cockroaches in the kitchen. That's enough! Let's take things in hand and tidy this place!

Spa salon cleaning

Spa salon

We can't let the guests see this big mess in a beautiful exotic summer resort like this

Park clean up day

Park clean up day

It's so nice taking a walk in the park, but let's collect the garbage, and make the neighborhood even nicer.

Zoe - Messy House


What the hell is the motorbike doing in the pool? It's a good question….

Birthday party clean up

Birthday party

The birthday party was a blast, lot of people came and the party lasted long, so at the end everyone was in hurry to get home and left this huge mess here

Barbie bathroom clean up game

Barbie bathroom

How did this happen? Babrie always makes sure that the bathroom is spotless and clean

How To Clean A Toilet


A toilet has to be clean all the time, unless we want to give bacteria a chance.

Hotel cleanliness

Hotel cleanliness

In a hotel cleanliness must be taken care of all the time, thus the staff has to tidy the rooms thoroughly.

Cinderella house clean up game for girls


Cinderella had to stay at home today as well to do the chores, but she doesn't mind: she is happy as always.

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