Clothes washing games

Dresses and Toys washing

Dresses and Toys

Not only the clothes are dirty, but the soft toys need a good was as well. After washing comes the drying in the garden

Hello Kitty laundry game

Hello Kitty laundry

Hello Kitty's clothes got covered in mud: let's wash them immediately!

Drying game

drying games

Drying the clothes! Put everything to the clothesline!

Laundry clothes game

laundry clothes games

Connect the same clothes! Gain more and more points in each levels!

Washing clothes game Hell

clothes washing games

Put the same clothes in lines, and wash them with the girl! Five same clothes in a line is BINGO.

Laundry room - here we come!

Laundry room

Washing your clothes is not that hard anymore: just think about the time before the washing machine was invented.

New washing clothes game

washing machine

In rainy weather drivers can't pay attention to every puddle, so if you go close, count on it to be splattered with mud.

Iron game

iron game

Iron the clothes, until the time runs out! You have lots of work!

Clothes washing and drying

Clothes washing games

Today the girl drying the clothes. Help her! When it's raining, take an umbrella, when the clothes are ready take off them ...



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