Cleaning games
Cleaning window

window cleaning games

Wander between the windows and cleaning them with "space" button. Look out, when somebody open a window and you in it, you will fall down!

Classroom decor game

classroom decor

School starts soon again, decorate your classroom and inspire the students! Drag classroomdecors into their place.

Christmas clean up

Christmas clean up

I'll even scour down the wall of the fireplace before Christmas, as public holidays are coming everything has to shine.

Online clean up - Doll House

doll house

The doll house have to be cleaned such as a real home. Firstly clean it, then put the furnitures in the bottom to their places.

Selective waste collection

selective waste collector

Even a sheep would know, in which selective waste collector the paper, plastic and glass should be put in. You are all collecting waste selectively, right?

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