Garden cleaning games

Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora

Even a princess must learn the tricks of cleaning up, believe me, it's not that bad.

Swimming pool and garden

Swimming pool and garden

Finally I've found half of my lost flip-flops. It's there on the bottom of the garden pool with a bottle. I'll fish it out and then start to clean out this mess from the garden.

I like the clean garden

clean garden

Wonderful green grass with garbage all over the place, the flowerputs overbalanced. You have two minutes for a quick but deep tidy up.

Spring Garden game

spring garden game

Start the spring garden clean up! Pick all the garbage scattered on the grassy carpet of her back garden, then put all the gardening tools in the tool box and, once the garden looks sparkling clean.

Sam the Gardener


Once we are done cleaning the house, we will take a look at the garden. There must be a few things there to get done

Fruit Shoot Garden

Fruit game

Colletc 3 of a kind of fruit.

Botanic gardens cleaning game

Garden cleaning

Take up the rubbish with the chipmunks.

Flower garden cleaning game

 flower cleaning game

Oh it's terrible! Someone destroyed my picnic in the garden! Help me cleaning up everything!

Beauty salon clean up

Beauty salon

A big mess was made on the terrace of a beauty salon by a sudden storm. And the guests will be here in 10 minutes!

Minion the skillful

Minion the skillful

This railway station is horribly messy, broken glasses, apple cores and a lot of trash anywhere you look.



Now then, cheerleaders, the game is over and we can be happy that we won again. It's true it wasn't easy because the opponent was pretty strong. And the packing is still here to be done, oh, I hate this the most.

Horse fam online cleaning game

Horse fam

We are visiting an animal farm in the countryside, where there are several horses in the barns. You see, you have to work a lot in the countryside as well.

Garden cleaning game

garden cleaning games

Selecting the trash in each trash cans! Put the papers to the first, the leaves to the second, and the cans and the bootles to the third trash can!

Composting game

compost games

Pick up the vegetables and the plant and compost them in the garden.

Plant the garden

Plant the garden, and watering the plant!

Disgust inside out


Disgust don't like cleaning. Who wants to clean up after the garden party?

Garden clean up game

garden clean up

Make order in your garden!Put all the plots to a flower!

Barbie garden clean up


Gardening is really good! When you finished, pack the tools.



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