House cleaning games

Going the clean the Living Room

Living Room

Let's start with removing the spider webs. They try to hide in the corner, but don't miss any of them. If you're ready, clean the lamp shades, since they are covered in dust, too.

Winter Weather


Finally it's snowing, and not even just a little. It's been falling in big flakes since the morning. The garbage I left out in the garden must be cleaned up before the fresh snow covers it.

The vacation


My mom didn't allow me to bring a whole lot of things for the holiday, but it is sure messy in this hotel room.

Clean up My Home - Help!


Mom and dad are coming home tomorrow from their holiday and I'm badly behind with cleaning. I must speed up if I want to finish on time.

Paint the wall

Paint the wall

The walls are scrabbled, the floor is dirty and the furnitures are also pretty much outdated. Pack out everything, sweep the floor and paint the wall, then the brand new furnitures can come.

Online easter cleaning game


Multi-level online easter cleaning game. Search for the rolled eggs, also hang the socks back on the clothesline.

Cleaning the full house

House cleaning game

Please clean the full house!

Janice room

janice room game

Janice is searching her objects. Let's find them! You have short time, and lots of levels.

Monkey house washing game

monkey cleaning

Mrs. Monkey left the house, she will be home at 4 pm. That's her message to her husband:
1.Laundry (first load) 2.Prepare supper 3.Laundry (second load) 4.Tidy up living room.
Let's do it!


Baby Hazel cleaning Time

Baby Hazel

While mommy's doing the dishes, I'm playing at the kitchen table, like I was a chef. But then it comes to my mind I could help mommy drying the dishes.

Aurora Clean UP


A little water splashed on the floor, some fixtures fell and there is a lot of garbage everywhere. This is a job for a thorough, professional cleaner!

Help Michael!

Help Michael!

School's over for today, I can finally go home. Oh, I promised mom I'd help her with the cleanup today. I just wish it wasn't so boring - whatever, it has to be done.

Tidy up girl game

Tidy up

The daughter's mom goes out, but tells her, that till she comes back the daughter must tidy up her room.

This is a pigsty!


My mom said, if I did not tidy my room then I can't attend the basketball match Saturday evening. So I would better start now.

Bunnys house cleaning game

house cleaning game

Clean up the bunnys house!

Birthday cleaning game

Birthday cleaning game

Cleaning the house after your very good birthday party!

Messy house cl. game

messy house cleaning game

The boys made big mess. Cleaning the room!