Disgust inside out


Disgust don't like cleaning. Who wants to clean up after the garden party?

Frozen Christmas cleaning


We already decorated the christmas tree. We just need to cleaning up.

Dresses and Toys washing

Dresses and Toys

Not only the clothes are dirty, but the soft toys need a good was as well. After washing comes the drying in the garden

Frozen Anna bathroom clean up

Frozen Anna bathroom

Nobody has cleaned this bathroom for ages.

Messy Study room

Study room

Always the computer! You don't even care about what's going on around you! This has to stop!

Sam the Gardener


Once we are done cleaning the house, we will take a look at the garden. There must be a few things there to get done

Cleaning Your Fridge


This must stop, whe have to clean the refrigerator and floor, everything is a mess!

Cleaning Tips to Help Tame the Chaos

Kitty Land

There is a huge mess in the Kitty Land, everyone is playing, sleeping or just staring into space. The room won't clean itslef!

The Cleaning Brigade


Let's hope this restaurant does not get inspected, as in that case they will have to close. But here we come, the Cleaning Brigade, we clean this place in just a few minutes!

Countryside farm

Countryside farm

There are a lot of things to do on a farm in the countryside as well, you have to feed the animals and clean the whole farm of course

Messy room - Balerina


The boy ballet dancer had to practice a lot for his exams, so he did not clean his room. Problem is, his mom visits tomorrow, and he shouldn't let her see the dorm room like this

Birthday party clean up

Birthday party

The birthday party was a blast, lot of people came and the party lasted long, so at the end everyone was in hurry to get home and left this huge mess here

Barbie bathroom clean up game

Barbie bathroom

How did this happen? Babrie always makes sure that the bathroom is spotless and clean

How To Clean A Toilet


A toilet has to be clean all the time, unless we want to give bacteria a chance.

Hotel cleanliness

Hotel cleanliness

In a hotel cleanliness must be taken care of all the time, thus the staff has to tidy the rooms thoroughly.

Cinderella house clean up game for girls


Cinderella had to stay at home today as well to do the chores, but she doesn't mind: she is happy as always.

Big House cleaning game - Mina, Lisa, Toto and Sisi

Big House

Help the girls - online clean up.

House makeover with Barbie

House makeover

Barbie loves when her house is tidy. But what is this mess then?

Joyful Bathroom clean up game


This bathroom hasn't been cleaned for a long time if ever…

Beach House cleaning

Beach House

Everything that used to be in the beach bag is now scattered on the floor. Let's collect them!

Doctor's office

Doctor's office

The doctor went to the canteen for 15 minutes, leaving her son behind, who wasn't bored waiting… The results speak for themselves.

Beauty salon clean up

Beauty salon

A big mess was made on the terrace of a beauty salon by a sudden storm. And the guests will be here in 10 minutes!

New year cleaning

New year

The New Year's Eve party was terrific; everyone had a great time. Moreover, tidying the house the next morning was nice also.

House makeover

House makeover

When your mom arrives home from the hospital with your little brother or sister, she will be glad to see the house is tidied.

Online carwash game


We're going hiking in the mountains on the weekend, but we would be ashamed to be seen in such a dirty car. Let's wash it then!

PJ Party Disney Princess

PJ Party

You can't make a pyjama party if there's a mess in the house.

Barbie garden clean up


Gardening is really good! When you finished, pack the tools.

School Bus Car wash game

School Bus

The schoolbus needs a complete renovation, the windows are shattered, tires are deflated and the whole body is covered in mud

Minions Party Cleanup

Minions Party

We have to clean the house after the birthday party, otherwise next year we won't be allowed to organize a house party for sure.

Horse fam online cleaning game

Horse fam

We are visiting an animal farm in the countryside, where there are several horses in the barns. You see, you have to work a lot in the countryside as well.

Swimming pool cleaning services


Nobody wants to swim in the pool because it is very dirty. A little cleaning will solve this problem

Organizing the Clothes Closet

Clothes Closet

Rapunzel finally got to a point in cleaning her room where she had time to organize her wardrobe. It really needed a little organising.

How to clean a messy bedroom

How to

Princess Sophie is in trouble for sure, her mother said that if she didn't clean her room by 9 o'clock, she would have to stay home for the weekend and miss out on the birthday party

Rapunzel's home


Let's take a peek at Rapunzel's home, she is cleaning her room right now, help her if you'd like to.

Hair saloon cleaning 3


We have to clean this high end hair salon of the city center perfectly to get them ready for the big opening tomorrow

Tidy classroom

Tidy classroom

The classroom also has to be kept tidy and clean, because it's impossible study in a mess

Rapunzel Kitchen Cleaning

Rapunzel Kitchen

Mice, rats and cockroaches in the kitchen. That's enough! Let's take things in hand and tidy this place!

Spa salon cleaning

Spa salon

We can't let the guests see this big mess in a beautiful exotic summer resort like this

Park clean up day

Park clean up day

It's so nice taking a walk in the park, but let's collect the garbage, and make the neighborhood even nicer.

Zoe - Messy House


What the hell is the motorbike doing in the pool? It's a good question….

The Valentine's Day party

The Valentine's Day party was terrific, everyone had a great time. But when I woke up the next day I already knew that day would be about cleaning.

Clean playground

Clean playground

Let's teach the children not to leave any garbage at the playground.

Frozen Kristoff - untidy stable


Kristoff loves horses, but it takes him a long time to tidy the stable yard.

Messy Microwave

Messy Microwave

The microwave oven doesn't need to be cleaned every day, but if you leave it dirty for a long time, it will be harder to remove the dirt.

Barbie - Happy New Year

New Year

Happy new year! It's fine, but do I have to tidy the rooms by myself after the party?

How to Clean your Garage


I tidied dad's garage. He will be happy to see it for sure; he always says I watch too much TV.

Kitchen cleaning 3

Kitchen 3

Cooking is not a pleasant experience if the kitchen is a big mess: the floor and the counter is covered is garbage.

After party

After party

Mom will be very angry to see the mess in my room after the party: traces of chips everywhere and more.

Wedding salon - brilliant clarity

brilliant clarity

Do you think 5 minutes is enough to tidy a bridal store? Show us then how quick you are!

Going the clean the Living Room

Living Room

Let's start with removing the spider webs. They try to hide in the corner, but don't miss any of them. If you're ready, clean the lamp shades, since they are covered in dust, too.

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