The vacation


My mom didn't allow me to bring a whole lot of things for the holiday, but it is sure messy in this hotel room.

Animals on the farm


Tidiness and keeping your surroundings clean is especially important on a rural farm where there are a lot of animals. If it's not done, only huddle and confusion will follow.

Cinderella Princess

Cinderella Princess

Cinderella knows that the secret of cleaning up fast is that you must be quick and handy. Quickly, put the apples that rolled away in the basket, clean up the floor...

Swimming pool and garden

Swimming pool and garden

Finally I've found half of my lost flip-flops. It's there on the bottom of the garden pool with a bottle. I'll fish it out and then start to clean out this mess from the garden.

Cooking and clean up


The fact that the kitchen counter is full of unwashed plates and dishes is one thing, but how did a huge fried egg get on the middle of the floor!

Summer day

Summer day

Put the swimming ring and parasol quickly in the basket, the towel and glasses in the bag. You have to figure out the rest, but hurry, the sandy beach is waiting.

My Purse

My Purse

My little bag could use a thorough cleaning. It's full of makeup, credit cards, keys and a lot of stuff that I carry around with me every day.

Cleaning Time

Cleaning Time

Somebody left the fridge open and water is draining in the sink. And this is all nothing if you look at this kitchen floor, it is covered in a lot of garbage.

Party mess

Party mess

First piece of advice: do not freak out! You do not have to pack away but find the few things that you will need in the mess. Although this won't be an easy task either.



Now then, cheerleaders, the game is over and we can be happy that we won again. It's true it wasn't easy because the opponent was pretty strong. And the packing is still here to be done, oh, I hate this the most.

Incident in the laboratory


Well, unfortunately, this attempt failed. It's okay, you can probably do better next time. But this mess in the laboratory must be cleared up.

Enormous mess


Mother Rabbit likes orderliness, though the kids sometimes leave an enormous mess, still she cleans up with a smile on the face.

Clean up My Home - Help!


Mom and dad are coming home tomorrow from their holiday and I'm badly behind with cleaning. I must speed up if I want to finish on time.

Sudden hurricane

Ice Cream stand

A sudden hurricane swept over the mall and almost ruined the Ice Cream stand, help to recover the damages.

Pairing socks


It is a common problem to pair the socks after washing. Well yes, this is a complicated task.

Recycling game - The park

Recycling game

The park is really full with garbage, collect it quickly you have plenty of time anyway. You can navigate with arrows in the game.

Paint the wall

Paint the wall

The walls are scrabbled, the floor is dirty and the furnitures are also pretty much outdated. Pack out everything, sweep the floor and paint the wall, then the brand new furnitures can come.

Garbage in the river


Polly is diligently collecting garbage floating on a drift velocity river. She must be careful with the rocks sticking out of the water as her boat can be damaged.

Spring is finally here


Not only in the house, but also in the garden plenty of work is waiting to be done, especially in Spring time when the nature wakes and grass starts to be green.

Ranch clean up


Even a farm has to be in order. Quickly put the milk containers on the table, the straw in the storage, and of course the cow poops must not remain in the middle of the court either.

Cleaning with Dora

Cleaning with Dora

Birthday is a good thing, but I have to tidy a lot before it due to guests are coming, and then at the end after the guests left.

This is a pigsty!


My mom said, if I did not tidy my room then I can't attend the basketball match Saturday evening. So I would better start now.

Clean up the park


A group of guys were at the playground in the evening, and left bunch of garbage. My father said that next time he will tousle their ears.

Garden party - Birthday

garden party

Such a great mess left after yesterday garden party, let's quickly tidy this garden, cause' if father comes home from work and notice, then we'll be in big trouble.

Toxic contamination - Help!


Industrial disaster happened on the shore, and plenty of toxis waste is all over the place, moreover some of those are radioactive. It needs fast and deep cleaning.

Cool motor

Cool motor

No matter you have a super cool bike, until your garage is this messy, none of your friends will come to admire it.

Beach and palm trees


No wonder no one wants to swim in such a pigsty beach. Surely no-one will come here until there is a single piece of garbage in the sand or in the water.

Neat Restaurant

Neat Restaurant

Oops, a plate is broken - and what was on it is now pouring on the floor. Quickly, clean up in the restaurant's kitchen before the boss arrives and yells at you.

Strict mom

Barbie and Jane

Mom said I can only visit my girlfriend in the afternoon when my room is done. I think she is right a bit, because I haven't done anything the whole week, and now my nice little room is a little in ruins.

Barbie Living room

Living room

This is what Barbie's living room looks like after her birthday party. No doubt it's not a pretty sight, but you can clean it up in 5 minutes. Want to try?

Car clean up


It is not entirely true that there's a little mess in the car. In fact, this is a huge mess. It's bad to even look at, let's clean it up quickly.



It's fine that today we ordered pizza for lunch, the delivery guy brought it to the house and we ate it - but who will clean up this mess in the kitchen?

Car wash

Car wash

Washing the car in the garden is fun. Because it is not good to drive on the streets with a dirty, muddy car, even the neighbors would frown on it.

Many garbage


Books on the bookshelves, banana skin and apple stump in the trash, and there are a lot of other tasks to do. Hurry up, this is a timed game!

Help Michael!

Help Michael!

School's over for today, I can finally go home. Oh, I promised mom I'd help her with the cleanup today. I just wish it wasn't so boring - whatever, it has to be done.

Help in cleaning

Help in cleaning

Holidays are soon coming. Mom says, that she has plenty to do in the kitchen and I could help in cleaning.

Start Tidy up


All the paint which could have leaked indeed leaked, but now tidy up must start. All garbage in the green litter bin quickly-quickly.

Kitchen cleaning Selena Gomez

 Selena Gomez

For a simple kitchen cleaning even Selena Gomez will not call a charwoman, but deals with it on her own. It is not a big deal anyway.

Floor mop

Floor mop

Control the mop with the mouse, wipe out the water from the floor and collect also the garbage.

Tidy up girl game

Tidy up

The daughter's mom goes out, but tells her, that till she comes back the daughter must tidy up her room.

Selective waste collection

selective waste collector

Even a sheep would know, in which selective waste collector the paper, plastic and glass should be put in. You are all collecting waste selectively, right?

Christmas clean up

Christmas clean up

I'll even scour down the wall of the fireplace before Christmas, as public holidays are coming everything has to shine.

Wedding clean up


We've received plenty of wedding gifts, but those are quite scattered now. The wedding dress should be also hang in the cabinet.

Hannah Montana clean up the kitchen

Hannah Montana clean up

Certainly even stars are doing clean up at home, check out how good Hannah Montana deals with cleaining the kitchen.

Barbie clean up - game for girls

Barbie clean up

Help Barbi for a while, as she will not manage to finish bunch of housework without your assist.

Polly tidy up game


Quickly put out the cookies on the table, and of course the banana peel in the litter bin aside of leaving it there.

But will clean up?

living room was a mess

The movie yesterday lasted quite long,and the living room was a mess in the morning, as nobody cleaned it in the evening.

Need help here

Need help

It does not worth likely to pick the hoover, till the toys are on the floor, and it is full with garbage.

Rock party - and then

big party

It must have been a big party yesterday, but seems all have left home to escape from cleaning.

Motorcyclist accident


A motocycler suffered accident, luckily noone got injured, but the road has to be cleaned so the traffic can start.

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