Windstorm in the kitchen?


Either someone let the window open and a hurricane destroyed the kitchen, or someone during the night in the dark scattered everything while sleeping.

Cleaning service at Christmas


The presents had arrived succesfully, just need to be put in an order. But some scattered coke bottle, apple core and tissue by the Christmas tree. Christmas cleaning game.

Online clean up - Doll House

doll house

The doll house have to be cleaned such as a real home. Firstly clean it, then put the furnitures in the bottom to their places.

College room

College room

What has happened in this collage room? Earthquake, or a team of monkeys were let in secretly?

Santa Claus is also messy?

Santa Claus messy

Who would guess, that even Santa can be messy. Though it can happen that the elves scattered everything in the room. On top of this bunch of things are not even connected to Christmas, point on these.

Ants in the living room


Even the ants occupied the living-room, spider nets are all over the place. On the top left corner choose the cleaning tool and start with cleaning.

This is terrible - Clean up kitchen


My mom surely did not teach me this way, when she guided me through the ruses of cleaning. Whoever did this, help is badly needed.

Skyscraper window cleaning

window clean

The windows of a huge storey house have to be kept clean and shining in this game. Use the arrows to operate the motorized lift.

Pet care - untidy dogs


These doggies are so messy like Newbies. Left a mess all over the place.

Mess in the car


I'm positive my father would faint to see the family car in this shape. What an awful mess is in this car.

My Fridge - Clean up


It's been a while someone made an order in this fridge. Old leftovers, banana peel and dirt everywhere.

Clean up - garbage in the ocean

clean up

Your job is to clean up the ocean from pollution. Mouse to control.

Childrens Room Cleanup game

room cleaning game

Clean up the childrens room!

Farm cleaning game

farm cleaning game

Clean all the farm animals! Cleaning the cows, donkeys, goats!

Pigsty Clean Up game

Pigsty Clean Up game

This room is a total mess! Help the girl put away her clothes and toys, and redesign her room.

Cute puppy cleaning game

Cute baby dog cleaning game

Please do not let, that your puppy will be sad! Puppy needs love and care.

Pig cleaning game

baby pig cleaning game

There are very cute little piglets, feed and clean up them!

Classroom decor game

classroom decor

School starts soon again, decorate your classroom and inspire the students! Drag classroomdecors into their place.

Packaging vacation

Packaging game

The girl girl want to go on a holiday! Help her to pack the packages! First tidy her room and pull the items to the bags!

Cleaning the full house

House cleaning game

Please clean the full house!

Room cleaning and decor games for gilrs

room cleaning games

Renew the kids room! It's a big work! Begin it!

Washing dishes game

washing dishes game

Washing the dishes! There are dirty plates. Cleaned them!

Birthday dress up game

birthday dress up game

It's Suzy's birthday! Dress up the girl, before the party!

Sleepover Party Mess

party cleaning game

Help the two girls sort out their things and find the missing objects.

Veterinary dog and cat game

vaterynary game

Take care of the animals in the veterinarian!

I like the clean garden

clean garden

Wonderful green grass with garbage all over the place, the flowerputs overbalanced. You have two minutes for a quick but deep tidy up.

Online easter cleaning game


Multi-level online easter cleaning game. Search for the rolled eggs, also hang the socks back on the clothesline.

It is full with garbage!


Quickly turn off the tap of the basin, or the whole kitchen might be flooded. It is full with garbage even now anyway.

Come clean up

clean up rush

The toys have to be put in the toy box, the suits dropped in the cabinet. The leaked refreshment has to be wiped up with the swab, the garbage to be swept with the sweeper.

Huge mess - after the party

Huge mess

As it is usual after birthday parties, the guests had left a huge mess after themselves. But as it is not polite to ask them, cleaning has to be done alone.

Clutter kitchen

Clutter kitchen

You have to put away accessories in the kitchen in this game. See below which 4 items you need to find.

Comes the teacher - Class room cleaning


If someone not tidies up this place very soon, and the teacher intends to come in, I assume she will faint at that moment.

Garbage in the water


The water in the pool is full with all forms of thrown garbage, bottles and soda boxes are floating on the surface of the water. Collect and throw them in the litter bins on the left and right hand side.

Toto cleaning game


There is indeed a major need for a helping hand in this room. Mess everywhere, patches on the floor, garbage in all places. Let's get started with tidy up.

Your room is ready?

Your room

Put the overturned flowerput in the window, the clothes hanging on the bed into the cabinet, but be fast, as my girlfriend will soon arrive.

Mess in this beauty saloon

beauty saloon

Someone had left an incredible mess in this beauty saloon, it must be cleaned up quickly, before the first guest arrives.

Sea cleaner

seacleaning game

Clean the sea, and catch all the rubbish, but avoid the sharks and the fish.

Bunnys house cleaning game

house cleaning game

Clean up the bunnys house!

Party Cleanup game

Valentine Party Cleanup game

Emily needs helping hands to finish the work in time. Clean up the kids room, the kitchen and the living room, within the given time. You put each object in its proper place to make the house look clean! Pay attention to the time and finish each level.

Community service dress up game

community services

Dress up this cute girl who pick up trash.

My Cute Pets 2

My cute pets

Do you want, that your little pets will be happy? Bath, feed, care them!

Cow cleaning game

cow cleaning game

Look at the list on the wall and then clean down the cow! Hurry up and watch the time!

Packaging picnic basket game

packaging picnic basket games

Prepare the foods for the picnic basket! Hmm... they are so delicious!

Cleaning time - game for kids

Room cleaning game

It's cleaning time! Pull the items to the corrert places!

Kitchen cleaning game

kitchen cleaning game

It's a big trouble! There are rodents in the kitchen! Quickly started the cleaning!

Trash attack game

trash attack game

Play with the trash attack game!

Village School Game

school cleaning game

Furnish the village school! There is a big mess!

Birthday party decoration

birthday decoration game

Please make beautiful decoration in your frinds birthday party.

Clean green city

clean green city game

Collect all the garbage from the houses to clean up your green city.

Cute cat washing game

cute cat washing

Washing your pretty cute cat!

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