Hamster Care

Hamster cleaning game

You are an owner of little cute hamster. Please dress up, and cleaning, and add food for him.

Little Piggy washing and dressup game

piggy cleaning game

Your piggy is dirty, help him a bath, and dress up him!

Yukis day after party

yukis cleaning

Help Yuki cleaning the house before Suzie gets back.

Snow cleaning dress up game

Clean up all the show, and dress up the girl.

Birthday cleaning game

Birthday cleaning game

Cleaning the house after your very good birthday party!

Beach cleaning game

Beach cleaning game

Clean the beach a lot of waste.

Plant the garden

Plant the garden, and watering the plant!

Funny party

Party cleaning game

Cleaning the garden after the party.

City hall park clean up game

Park cleaning

Spit the chewing gum to the bin, not to the ground.

School park cleaning game

Garden cleaning

Don't throw the rubbish away!

Composting game

compost games

Pick up the vegetables and the plant and compost them in the garden.

Schoolyard Recycling

Schoolyard Recycling game

Sorting recyclables, compostables and trash! Move the bins!

Sort it! recycling game

recycle games

Choose a room and select the things of it! It's a bit difficult! There are four rooms.

Recycling game Barnaby

barnaby game recycling

Put the items into the correct bins to collect points! Recycling with Barnaby!

Flower garden cleaning game

 flower cleaning game

Oh it's terrible! Someone destroyed my picnic in the garden! Help me cleaning up everything!

Garden clean up game

garden clean up

Make order in your garden!Put all the plots to a flower!

Janice room

janice room game

Janice is searching her objects. Let's find them! You have short time, and lots of levels.

Messy house cl. game

messy house cleaning game

The boys made big mess. Cleaning the room!

Caroline's room

carolines room cleaning game

This girl is very messy and untidy. Show to her, how to do tidy the room!

Cleaning window

window cleaning games

Wander between the windows and cleaning them with "space" button. Look out, when somebody open a window and you in it, you will fall down!

Drying game

drying games

Drying the clothes! Put everything to the clothesline!

Iron game

iron game

Iron the clothes, until the time runs out! You have lots of work!

Washing machnines game

laundry shop

Pick up, wash, dry and iron the clothes in the correct place! Work quickly and well! This is a lanundry shop!

Cute cat cleaning game

cat cleaning

Take care about the cute cat! First clean, wash and dry and then dress and feed it!

Cleaning bedroom

bedroom cleaning

Don't be lazy! Tidy this room! There is a big mess, but you get a lot of points!

Zebra washing - cleaning game

zebra celeaning and washing game

You are assistant in the zoo! Please clean up the zebra!

Cute girls room

cute girl

A cute little girl's room is funny. Help him clean.

Hotel cleaning game

Hotel cleaning game

Please clean the hotel room.

Teddys birthday party

Teddy birthday party

The little bear will celebrate his birthday soon.

Wedding cleaning game

wedding cleaning game

Cleaning the room before wedding day.

Fruit Shoot Garden

Fruit game

Colletc 3 of a kind of fruit.

Clean house after party

House cleaning game

Pick up the rubbish after party in the house.

Street cleaning game

Street cleaning

Collect the bloons and don't crash in to anything.

Cleaning river game

River cleaning game

Don't let the people to infect the river. Save the environment

Botanic gardens cleaning game

Garden cleaning

Take up the rubbish with the chipmunks.

Selecting bottle games

recycle bottle games

Select the cans, the bootles, the paper... Then answer the questions!

The Water Family game

water game

In this game you can learn, how can to save the water!

Recycling garbage game

Recycling garbage game

Selection the trush! You can recycling some, some is green west and some is simple trush.

Recycle game with Michael

recycle game

First pick up the garbage from the ground and recycling them, so throw it in the good trash! Then catch the bad guys!

Spring Garden game

spring garden game

Start the spring garden clean up! Pick all the garbage scattered on the grassy carpet of her back garden, then put all the gardening tools in the tool box and, once the garden looks sparkling clean.

Jennifer's summer holiday


Jenny go to holiday. Help her, to take the things to good packets. She has a lot of clothes, hurry up, don't late the car!

Messy office

office cleaning game

Tidy the office! There is a big mess. Take everything to the correct place!

My room

my room cleaning game

Remember everything's place, when the girl slept! Then, put her things to good places.

Garden cleaning game

garden cleaning games

Selecting the trash in each trash cans! Put the papers to the first, the leaves to the second, and the cans and the bootles to the third trash can!

Room cleaning game for girls

room cleaning game

The girl tells you the instructions, that how to tidy her room. Make everything, like she says!

Monkey house washing game

monkey cleaning

Mrs. Monkey left the house, she will be home at 4 pm. That's her message to her husband:
1.Laundry (first load) 2.Prepare supper 3.Laundry (second load) 4.Tidy up living room.
Let's do it!


Hollywood Star wash

hollywood wash

Take the clothes from the guest, put them into the washing maschine and then dry them. That's Hollyewood best laundry!

Laundry clothes game

laundry clothes games

Connect the same clothes! Gain more and more points in each levels!

School cleaning game

school cleaning

Tidy the very messy classroom! Put the trash to the dustbin, the books to the desks ... !

Bedroom cleaning game

room cleaning

This girl is very messy. Put her things in the correct places! The books to the desk, the garbage to the dustbin, the clothes to the wardrobe...

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