Fun kitchen

fun kitchen

Mum asked Ella to help clean up the kitchen. But naughty Ella wants to mess up everything here. Let's do some fun kitchen shenanigans with her and don't get caught by mom!

Cleaning kitchen and the house after party

cleaning after party

Cleaning all the rooms of the house after the party! It will be a bit hard work!

Laundry Rush

laundry rush

Pick up the clothes in the laundry, then wash and dry them! Hurry up, there is a lot of dirthy clothes.

Laundry game for girls
landry game for girls

Go to the bathroom, put the dirthy clothes to the washing machine, and when the are clean, dry them in the clothesline!

Kitchen clean up game

kitchen clean up

Clean up the kitchen! Throw the rubbish into the dustbin, mop, sweep up and washing up!

Clothes washing and drying

Clothes washing games

Today the girl drying the clothes. Help her! When it's raining, take an umbrella, when the clothes are ready take off them ...

Washing clothes game Hell

clothes washing games

Put the same clothes in lines, and wash them with the girl! Five same clothes in a line is BINGO.

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