Do you like clean up rooms


The kitchen, the bathroom and the living room are waiting for you to tidy them.

Virtual window cleaner

window cleaner

Clean the windows from the outside, then enter the house and clean them from the inside to make them sparkle.

Baby Hazel cleaning Time

Baby Hazel

While mommy's doing the dishes, I'm playing at the kitchen table, like I was a chef. But then it comes to my mind I could help mommy drying the dishes.

Road clean up game

main road

The main road had to be closed after an accident; fortunately noone was seriously hurt. But the road has to be cleared for the traffic to be able to move on.

Tidy your room

Tidy your room

Put the garbage in the bin, and separate the colored clothes from the white ones.

Toilet cleaning

Toilet cleaning

A toilet has to be clean by all means; it is very important to keep it perfectly clean.

Cinderella bathroom clean up

Cinderella bathroom

This bathroom is beautiful for sure, but unless everything is in its place, its beauty is pointless.

Hello Kitty laundry game

Hello Kitty laundry

Hello Kitty's clothes got covered in mud: let's wash them immediately!

Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora

Even a princess must learn the tricks of cleaning up, believe me, it's not that bad.

New washing clothes game

washing machine

In rainy weather drivers can't pay attention to every puddle, so if you go close, count on it to be splattered with mud.

Easy clean up


A lot of stuff spilled on the floor, luckily it's not carpet on it, so it can be cleaned up easy.

Virtual sink

Virtual sink

Take the dirty dishes from the right, put them in the hot foamy water in the sink and wipe them clean with a sponge.

Minion the skillful

Minion the skillful

This railway station is horribly messy, broken glasses, apple cores and a lot of trash anywhere you look.

Red sports car

Red sports car

This red sports car is super cool, but it's not worth anything if it is this muddy and dirty. There are very good and effective tools for cleaning it.

Elsa Clean up room


Elsa's suite is full of trash, and somehow even the pictures hang strangely on the walls. Feel free to clean up!

Gardener Laundry

Gardener Laundry

Working in the garden is very good, but your clothes will get dirty sooner than in school for sure. Never mind, we are going to wash them!

Leather boots cleaning


Now that winter is almost over, I'll put away my winter shoes. But before I bury it on the bottom of the cabinet, I'll thoroughly clean it, so when I need it at the beginning at the next winter, it will be shiningly clean.

Winter Weather


Finally it's snowing, and not even just a little. It's been falling in big flakes since the morning. The garbage I left out in the garden must be cleaned up before the fresh snow covers it.

Car wash

Car Clean

They didn't want to clean the car in the carwash on the corner. No wonder, I can understand them, it's incredibly dirty. Whatever, I will wash it myself even if it's goning to take some time.

Aurora Clean UP


A little water splashed on the floor, some fixtures fell and there is a lot of garbage everywhere. This is a job for a thorough, professional cleaner!

Great Pajamas Party

Great Pajamas Party

Have you ever seen a messy girls' room? Yes, not only the boys' rooms can look like a complete pigsty. If you don't believe it, here, have a look at this!.

Beautiful Island

Beautiful Island

Quickly throw the leftovers in the trash can on the beach, the other stuff can go into the large basket. Guests only feel comfortable on the beach if the surroundings are nice and clean.

My Pool


A windstorm jumbled everything around the swimming pool. Slippers and swimsuits are all over the place, and there is even broken glass on the ground.

Dora clean up the room


Dora likes cleaning very much - do you? Do you usually help at home with the cleaning?

Aromatic foam bath

foam bath

Pick up everything from the bathroom floor and put them in place. If you find the place for everything, then you can mop up the water. If you get stuck, press the info button.

Frozen Elsa Bathroom and spider-web


Come on, when did you last clean this bathroom? Every corner is covered with spider webs, and the rest is even worse.

The children's room

children's room

The carpet in the children's room is quite small, but there are a lot of things scattered on it: toys, laundry and things that belong in the garbage bin.

Peppa pig cleaning the apartment

Peppa pig

Cleaning the apartment is an everyday task not just for us humans, but for Peppa pig as well.

School locker cleaning

School locker

You have to prepare for a check-up in the school: every student's locker will be checked by a teacher.

Laundry girl games

Laundry girl

Your winter coat got dirty and ripped? No problem: take it to the dry cleaner, and we will sew it after.

I can tidy up

tidy up

We will visit a princess today, where you can show everyone how you can tidy a room.

Laundry room - here we come!

Laundry room

Washing your clothes is not that hard anymore: just think about the time before the washing machine was invented.

Elsa clean up game


Princess Elsa's room is currently messy, but she made a bet with a girlfriend that she can clean it in 5 minutes.

Mess hair salon

Mess hair salon

A lot of cleaning up must be done at a hair salon, mostly the cut hair, but there are a lot of combs and mousses lying around too.

Sedulous babysitter

Sedulous babysitter

Even little kids can help, feel free to invite them to the cleaning up, they can put a lot of stuff on their proper place too.

Dorm room

dorm room

Even if you live in a dormitory and your mother is not constantly telling you to clean up you should keep order around you.

Car cleanliness

Car cleanliness

Your 2 month old pink car is beautiful, but shouldn't you pay attention to cleanliness too? Clean it up on both on the outside and inside.

Dirty pirate ship

Dirty pirate ship

Not even a pirate ship has to be necessarily dirty, let's clean it up, you will see how much prettier it will look.

Zoe cleaning game


Cleaning up can be loved or not, but one thing is for sure, someone has to do it, and you can help too.

Super washing machine

washing machine

The little princess took a ride in the garden of the castle with her favorite pony, but she jumped right into a muddy puddle.

Track athletics


It seems messiness is even common among athletes. I think the hurdling training can't start until we've picked up the things that don't belong here.

Tiny room

Tiny room

Even the picture is hanging wrong on the wall, it will fall and break. Let's not even start about the rest of the room, but quickly clean it up instead.

Barbie room clean up

Barbie room

Barbie's new room is lovely purple, but new room nonetheless, cleaning is still necessary, as mess makes every room ugly.

Children's wardrobe cleaning game


Dear son, when you got your cool new green shelf system, you said it's so big there won't ever be a mess again in your room. So what is it I am looking at?

Enjoyable picnic


Children and their families had a really good time at this picnic. But they somehow forgot that they should have picked up the lots of trash.

Shoe store

Shoe store

Your new task is to fix the things in this boutique. Half of some shoes fell from the shelves and there is some garbage on the floor as well.

Prince George royal room

Prince George

Messiness occurs even in aristocratic families. When the staff is on leave, there's nothing to do, they have to clean up themselves..

Fairy realm


Clean up in the realm of fairies! Everything has its place, you just have to look carefully and observe everything.

Lil and the camp

the camp

The camp leader will soon inspect Lili's room, and if she sees the current conditions, she's not likely to get a praise for it.

Tidying up quickly

tidying up

Last night's event may have been good, but it is outrageous that they left so much garbage at the beach.

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