Kitchen cleaning games

Cleaning Your Fridge


This must stop, whe have to clean the refrigerator and floor, everything is a mess!

Rapunzel Kitchen Cleaning

Rapunzel Kitchen

Mice, rats and cockroaches in the kitchen. That's enough! Let's take things in hand and tidy this place!

Kitchen cleaning 3

Kitchen 3

Cooking is not a pleasant experience if the kitchen is a big mess: the floor and the counter is covered is garbage.

Cooking and clean up


The fact that the kitchen counter is full of unwashed plates and dishes is one thing, but how did a huge fried egg get on the middle of the floor!

Kitchen cleaning Selena Gomez

 Selena Gomez

For a simple kitchen cleaning even Selena Gomez will not call a charwoman, but deals with it on her own. It is not a big deal anyway.

It is full with garbage!


Quickly turn off the tap of the basin, or the whole kitchen might be flooded. It is full with garbage even now anyway.

This is terrible - Clean up kitchen


My mom surely did not teach me this way, when she guided me through the ruses of cleaning. Whoever did this, help is badly needed.

Kitchen cleaning game

kitchen cleaning game

It's a big trouble! There are rodents in the kitchen! Quickly started the cleaning!

Kitchen clean up game

kitchen clean up

Clean up the kitchen! Throw the rubbish into the dustbin, mop, sweep up and washing up!

The Cleaning Brigade


Let's hope this restaurant does not get inspected, as in that case they will have to close. But here we come, the Cleaning Brigade, we clean this place in just a few minutes!

Messy Microwave

Messy Microwave

The microwave oven doesn't need to be cleaned every day, but if you leave it dirty for a long time, it will be harder to remove the dirt.

Neat Restaurant

Neat Restaurant

Oops, a plate is broken - and what was on it is now pouring on the floor. Quickly, clean up in the restaurant's kitchen before the boss arrives and yells at you.



It's fine that today we ordered pizza for lunch, the delivery guy brought it to the house and we ate it - but who will clean up this mess in the kitchen?

Hannah Montana clean up the kitchen

Hannah Montana clean up

Certainly even stars are doing clean up at home, check out how good Hannah Montana deals with cleaining the kitchen.

Clutter kitchen

Clutter kitchen

You have to put away accessories in the kitchen in this game. See below which 4 items you need to find.

My Fridge - Clean up


It's been a while someone made an order in this fridge. Old leftovers, banana peel and dirt everywhere.

Fun kitchen

fun kitchen

Mum asked Ella to help clean up the kitchen. But naughty Ella wants to mess up everything here. Let's do some fun kitchen shenanigans with her and don't get caught by mom!

Cleaning kitchen and the house after party

cleaning after party

Cleaning all the rooms of the house after the party! It will be a bit hard work!



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