Park and street cleaning games

Enjoyable picnic


Children and their families had a really good time at this picnic. But they somehow forgot that they should have picked up the lots of trash.

Sudden hurricane

Ice Cream stand

A sudden hurricane swept over the mall and almost ruined the Ice Cream stand, help to recover the damages.

Spring is finally here


Not only in the house, but also in the garden plenty of work is waiting to be done, especially in Spring time when the nature wakes and grass starts to be green.

Motorcyclist accident


A motocycler suffered accident, luckily noone got injured, but the road has to be cleaned so the traffic can start.

Clean playground

Clean playground

Let's teach the children not to leave any garbage at the playground.

Cleaning river game

River cleaning game

Don't let the people to infect the river. Save the environment

Snow cleaning dress up game

Clean up all the show, and dress up the girl.

Online carwash game


We're going hiking in the mountains on the weekend, but we would be ashamed to be seen in such a dirty car. Let's wash it then!

Park clean up day

Park clean up day

It's so nice taking a walk in the park, but let's collect the garbage, and make the neighborhood even nicer.

Recycling game - The park

Recycling game

The park is really full with garbage, collect it quickly you have plenty of time anyway. You can navigate with arrows in the game.

Clean up the park


A group of guys were at the playground in the evening, and left bunch of garbage. My father said that next time he will tousle their ears.

Community service dress up game

community services

Dress up this cute girl who pick up trash.

City hall park clean up game

Park cleaning

Spit the chewing gum to the bin, not to the ground.

Street cleaning game

Street cleaning

Collect the bloons and don't crash in to anything.

Road clean up game

main road

The main road had to be closed after an accident; fortunately noone was seriously hurt. But the road has to be cleared for the traffic to be able to move on.

Countryside farm

Countryside farm

There are a lot of things to do on a farm in the countryside as well, you have to feed the animals and clean the whole farm of course



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