Party cleaning games

Cinderella Princess

Cinderella Princess

Cinderella knows that the secret of cleaning up fast is that you must be quick and handy. Quickly, put the apples that rolled away in the basket, clean up the floor...

Party mess

Party mess

First piece of advice: do not freak out! You do not have to pack away but find the few things that you will need in the mess. Although this won't be an easy task either.

Garden party - Birthday

garden party

Such a great mess left after yesterday garden party, let's quickly tidy this garden, cause' if father comes home from work and notice, then we'll be in big trouble.

The Valentine's Day party

The Valentine's Day party was terrific, everyone had a great time. But when I woke up the next day I already knew that day would be about cleaning.

Party Cleanup game

Valentine Party Cleanup game

Emily needs helping hands to finish the work in time. Clean up the kids room, the kitchen and the living room, within the given time. You put each object in its proper place to make the house look clean! Pay attention to the time and finish each level.

Teddys birthday party

Teddy birthday party

The little bear will celebrate his birthday soon.

Sleepover Party Mess

party cleaning game

Help the two girls sort out their things and find the missing objects.

Clean house after party

House cleaning game

Pick up the rubbish after party in the house.

Birthday dress up game

birthday dress up game

It's Suzy's birthday! Dress up the girl, before the party!

Birthday party clean up

Birthday party

The birthday party was a blast, lot of people came and the party lasted long, so at the end everyone was in hurry to get home and left this huge mess here

Cleaning Time

Cleaning Time

Somebody left the fridge open and water is draining in the sink. And this is all nothing if you look at this kitchen floor, it is covered in a lot of garbage.

Minions Party Cleanup

Minions Party

We have to clean the house after the birthday party, otherwise next year we won't be allowed to organize a house party for sure.

Rock party - and then

big party

It must have been a big party yesterday, but seems all have left home to escape from cleaning.

Huge mess - after the party

Huge mess

As it is usual after birthday parties, the guests had left a huge mess after themselves. But as it is not polite to ask them, cleaning has to be done alone.

Funny party

Party cleaning game

Cleaning the garden after the party.

Wedding cleaning game

wedding cleaning game

Cleaning the room before wedding day.

Yukis day after party

yukis cleaning

Help Yuki cleaning the house before Suzie gets back.

Birthday party decoration

birthday decoration game

Please make beautiful decoration in your frinds birthday party.

After party

After party

Mom will be very angry to see the mess in my room after the party: traces of chips everywhere and more.



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