Recycling games

Selective waste collection

selective waste collector

Even a sheep would know, in which selective waste collector the paper, plastic and glass should be put in. You are all collecting waste selectively, right?

Clean green city

clean green city game

Collect all the garbage from the houses to clean up your green city.

Schoolyard Recycling

Schoolyard Recycling game

Sorting recyclables, compostables and trash! Move the bins!

Sort it! recycling game

recycle games

Choose a room and select the things of it! It's a bit difficult! There are four rooms.

Recycling game Barnaby

barnaby game recycling

Put the items into the correct bins to collect points! Recycling with Barnaby!

Clean up - garbage in the ocean

clean up

Your job is to clean up the ocean from pollution. Mouse to control.

Selecting bottle games

recycle bottle games

Select the cans, the bootles, the paper... Then answer the questions!

The Water Family game

water game

In this game you can learn, how can to save the water!

Recycling garbage game

Recycling garbage game

Selection the trush! You can recycling some, some is green west and some is simple trush.

Recycle game with Michael

recycle game

First pick up the garbage from the ground and recycling them, so throw it in the good trash! Then catch the bad guys!



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