Room clean up games

How to clean a messy bedroom

How to

Princess Sophie is in trouble for sure, her mother said that if she didn't clean her room by 9 o'clock, she would have to stay home for the weekend and miss out on the birthday party

How To Clean A Toilet


A toilet has to be clean all the time, unless we want to give bacteria a chance.

Doctor's office

Doctor's office

The doctor went to the canteen for 15 minutes, leaving her son behind, who wasn't bored waiting… The results speak for themselves.

Toilet cleaning

Toilet cleaning

A toilet has to be clean by all means; it is very important to keep it perfectly clean.

Elsa clean up game


Princess Elsa's room is currently messy, but she made a bet with a girlfriend that she can clean it in 5 minutes.

Children's wardrobe cleaning game


Dear son, when you got your cool new green shelf system, you said it's so big there won't ever be a mess again in your room. So what is it I am looking at?

Lil and the camp

the camp

The camp leader will soon inspect Lili's room, and if she sees the current conditions, she's not likely to get a praise for it.

Cool motor

Cool motor

No matter you have a super cool bike, until your garage is this messy, none of your friends will come to admire it.

Cleaning with Dora

Cleaning with Dora

Birthday is a good thing, but I have to tidy a lot before it due to guests are coming, and then at the end after the guests left.

College room

College room

What has happened in this collage room? Earthquake, or a team of monkeys were let in secretly?

Hair saloon cleaning 3


We have to clean this high end hair salon of the city center perfectly to get them ready for the big opening tomorrow

Joyful Bathroom clean up game


This bathroom hasn't been cleaned for a long time if ever…

How to Clean your Garage


I tidied dad's garage. He will be happy to see it for sure; he always says I watch too much TV.

Cinderella bathroom clean up

Cinderella bathroom

This bathroom is beautiful for sure, but unless everything is in its place, its beauty is pointless.

Zoe cleaning game


Cleaning up can be loved or not, but one thing is for sure, someone has to do it, and you can help too.

Shoe store

Shoe store

Your new task is to fix the things in this boutique. Half of some shoes fell from the shelves and there is some garbage on the floor as well.

Aromatic foam bath

foam bath

Pick up everything from the bathroom floor and put them in place. If you find the place for everything, then you can mop up the water. If you get stuck, press the info button.

Floor mop

Floor mop

Control the mop with the mouse, wipe out the water from the floor and collect also the garbage.

Windstorm in the kitchen?


Either someone let the window open and a hurricane destroyed the kitchen, or someone during the night in the dark scattered everything while sleeping.

Comes the teacher - Class room cleaning


If someone not tidies up this place very soon, and the teacher intends to come in, I assume she will faint at that moment.

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