Room cleaning games

Peppa pig cleaning the apartment

Peppa pig

Cleaning the apartment is an everyday task not just for us humans, but for Peppa pig as well.

I can tidy up

tidy up

We will visit a princess today, where you can show everyone how you can tidy a room.

Sedulous babysitter

Sedulous babysitter

Even little kids can help, feel free to invite them to the cleaning up, they can put a lot of stuff on their proper place too.

Dorm room

dorm room

Even if you live in a dormitory and your mother is not constantly telling you to clean up you should keep order around you.

Prince George royal room

Prince George

Messiness occurs even in aristocratic families. When the staff is on leave, there's nothing to do, they have to clean up themselves..

Many garbage


Books on the bookshelves, banana skin and apple stump in the trash, and there are a lot of other tasks to do. Hurry up, this is a timed game!

But will clean up?

living room was a mess

The movie yesterday lasted quite long,and the living room was a mess in the morning, as nobody cleaned it in the evening.

Childrens Room Cleanup game

room cleaning game

Clean up the childrens room!

Cleaning time - game for kids

Room cleaning game

It's cleaning time! Pull the items to the corrert places!

Cute girls room

cute girl

A cute little girl's room is funny. Help him clean.

Tidy your room

Tidy your room

Put the garbage in the bin, and separate the colored clothes from the white ones.

Mess hair salon

Mess hair salon

A lot of cleaning up must be done at a hair salon, mostly the cut hair, but there are a lot of combs and mousses lying around too.

Easy clean up


A lot of stuff spilled on the floor, luckily it's not carpet on it, so it can be cleaned up easy.

Elsa Clean up room


Elsa's suite is full of trash, and somehow even the pictures hang strangely on the walls. Feel free to clean up!

Dora clean up the room


Dora likes cleaning very much - do you? Do you usually help at home with the cleaning?

Wedding clean up


We've received plenty of wedding gifts, but those are quite scattered now. The wedding dress should be also hang in the cabinet.

Ants in the living room


Even the ants occupied the living-room, spider nets are all over the place. On the top left corner choose the cleaning tool and start with cleaning.

Pigsty Clean Up game

Pigsty Clean Up game

This room is a total mess! Help the girl put away her clothes and toys, and redesign her room.

Room cleaning and decor games for gilrs

room cleaning games

Renew the kids room! It's a big work! Begin it!

Hotel cleaning game

Hotel cleaning game

Please clean the hotel room.

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