Tidy up games

School Bus Car wash game

School Bus

The schoolbus needs a complete renovation, the windows are shattered, tires are deflated and the whole body is covered in mud

Frozen Kristoff - untidy stable


Kristoff loves horses, but it takes him a long time to tidy the stable yard.

Tidying up quickly

tidying up

Last night's event may have been good, but it is outrageous that they left so much garbage at the beach.

Enormous mess


Mother Rabbit likes orderliness, though the kids sometimes leave an enormous mess, still she cleans up with a smile on the face.

Polly tidy up game


Quickly put out the cookies on the table, and of course the banana peel in the litter bin aside of leaving it there.

Messy Study room

Study room

Always the computer! You don't even care about what's going on around you! This has to stop!

Car wash

Car Clean

They didn't want to clean the car in the carwash on the corner. No wonder, I can understand them, it's incredibly dirty. Whatever, I will wash it myself even if it's goning to take some time.

Help in cleaning

Help in cleaning

Holidays are soon coming. Mom says, that she has plenty to do in the kitchen and I could help in cleaning.

Start Tidy up


All the paint which could have leaked indeed leaked, but now tidy up must start. All garbage in the green litter bin quickly-quickly.



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