Washing games

Dresses and Toys washing

Dresses and Toys

Not only the clothes are dirty, but the soft toys need a good was as well. After washing comes the drying in the garden

Laundry room - here we come!

Laundry room

Washing your clothes is not that hard anymore: just think about the time before the washing machine was invented.

New washing clothes game

washing machine

In rainy weather drivers can't pay attention to every puddle, so if you go close, count on it to be splattered with mud.

Car cleanliness

Car cleanliness

Your 2 month old pink car is beautiful, but shouldn't you pay attention to cleanliness too? Clean it up on both on the outside and inside.

Red sports car

Red sports car

This red sports car is super cool, but it's not worth anything if it is this muddy and dirty. There are very good and effective tools for cleaning it.

The children's room

children's room

The carpet in the children's room is quite small, but there are a lot of things scattered on it: toys, laundry and things that belong in the garbage bin.

Hello Kitty laundry game

Hello Kitty laundry

Hello Kitty's clothes got covered in mud: let's wash them immediately!

Virtual sink

Virtual sink

Take the dirty dishes from the right, put them in the hot foamy water in the sink and wipe them clean with a sponge.

Dirty pirate ship

Dirty pirate ship

Not even a pirate ship has to be necessarily dirty, let's clean it up, you will see how much prettier it will look.

Super washing machine

washing machine

The little princess took a ride in the garden of the castle with her favorite pony, but she jumped right into a muddy puddle.

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